Thursday, December 17, 2009

FOTD: Marissa Miller Inspired

Soooooo I've never done a face of the day on blogger, what a good time to start! In commemoration of finishing the worst class I have ever taken (did the exam last night), stats, I will blog about the furthest thing from the binomial distribution of the statistical likelihood that IQ and GPA are affected by some third independent variable. MAKEUP.

This was the photo I took the look from, sort of a champagney pink with brown eye, peacy brown cheek and light pink glossy lip.

And This is my version of the look.  Here is what I used:

Eyeshadow: (all MAC) All Tha Glitters all over the lid, Girly on the outer half, and Mystery in the outer v, blnded into the crease.
Then I took a brown liner to the outer half of my top lif and the bottom lid, not on the waterline.  Sealed the liner with MAC e/s in Mystery.

Two Coats of Bare Ecsentuals Buxom Lash

Enough Said Beauty Powder Blush by MAC all over the cheek and up the cheek bone

Mac Hue Lipstick with Virgin Kiss Lipglass over top.

My Hair is "second-day curly hair", i.e. i curled my hair yesteday, and this is what it looked like when i woke up today.  To watch my hair curling tutorial, click the link below :)

Hope you guys like the look, sorry i didn't get a better photo of the finished look, I was in a mega rush to get out the door to work :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Guru'd-up Christmas List

So of course being an absoloute makeup guru, i want makeup makeup clothes and makeup for christmas pretty much. I didn't want to do a video on this, and thought it might be a a nice guide for 'googling last minute boyfriend shoppers' to reference. So boys, if your girlfriend is a girl, chances are she'll love anything here. And girls, maybe this will inspire you for friends, family, or yourself!

Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette

  I am about 100 years behind on this one. Although Nars has come out with some beautiful palettes for Christmas, i have never been a fan of having more than one product in a palette (i.e. lip gloss, shadow, and blush).  These 6 eyeshadows are gorgeous, wearable, can't go wrong colors and any girl is sure to love them. especially me......*hint:kevin*

Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzer

A part of the Soleil Tan de Chanel line, the 4 facettes bronzer can serve as a blush, bronzer/contour and highlight.  The packaging is gorgeous and chic, who wouldn't want to be seen pulling this out of their purse to touch up? I've had a chance to play with this one at the Bay and the brush is actually quite nice, very soft, and picks up a lot of product.  Chanel is alllllways a good way to go. Classy, Chic, and will make ANY girl feel special.


Chanel Mat Lumiere Liquid Foundation

Again with the Chanel, this time it's personal.  I have been going through an absolute foundation crisis.  Unable to find the right one for me, my Chanel MA gave me some samples of this baby, and WOW, this is definitley top 5 on my Christmas list.  Amazing formula, coverage, everything down to the scent is just lovely.


Lush Angels on Bareskin Facial Clay Cleanser

Although I would love a lot of things from Lush, i am very particular about the scents that i choose, so soaps, bath bombs, and bubble bars frequently get taken back by me in exchange for my love of frosty gritter, honey bee, and comforter.  This on the other hand, is an absolute miracle of a cleanser.  I started using it about a month ago, and i just adore it. It's nice to get things that you need for christmas too, because i HATE spending like $20 of my own money on a little thing of face cleanser.

True Religion for Women Eau De Parfum

Everyone loves perfume as a gift, it is another one of those expensive things that if we girls could have a million of, we would.  This scent had me at hello.  I haven't yet saved to purchase it myself, you may have noticed i've been asking SephoraClaus for it everyyyyy dayyyyy hahaha.  But again, i'm very particular about my scents.  This one is a shoe-in :)


Chanel Sunglasses

Ok it's safe to say i'm all about Chanel this christmas.   You know those big dark square sunglasses that EVERYBODY wore circa 2007? ya i want those. I'm bringing them back into my life, baller style.  I would LOVE some chanel sunglasses, ones which i won't lose, this tim.  I think I've decided i'm responsible enough for designer shades now....anyway...i need ones that you can't see my eyes through...incase i want to check a guy out or something :) mwaha.


Cavalier King Charles Puppy

Every year for the last 5 years I have asked for a puppy for my birthday, christmas, easter, valentines day, everything.  Now since we don't have a lot of snow here yet, it's perfect puppy training weather, and omg how cute are these guys!? this is the puppy that the queen has like a million of. everybody cross your fingers for me! we want a deanne5253 cohost!

So this is my list for now, i really don't want much more than this except a heating blanket because my room is FREEEEEEZING, and some cute winter clothes. maybe a warm jacket for those -45C days.  Hope this gave you some ideas, i'm thinking of doing a "what to get the man in your life for christmas" post, would you be down? let me know!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Pandora's Makeup Box

Susan over at Pandora's Makeup Box was kind enough to send me some products to test out.  This eco-friendly company was created by a makeup artist out of Toronto, ON, Canada (yay Canada!) and has just the most adorable packaging you could ever imagine!

The first thing I had noticed about these products is the ingredients.  All of the ingredients are listed direstly on the packaging, and why not? with high quality ingredients like lanolin, silica, and high quality pigment, any company owner would be proud to make this a known quality of their product.

The eyeshadows are silky smooth, highly pigmented, and come in a wide range of colors.  I was sent a perfectly paired trio of eyeshadows with their famous eye primer in an adorable magetic quad.  The colorful cardboard packaging is re-usable, silimar to a mac quad, and can be purchased either on its own with individual eyeshadows, or as a pre-made quad.  The eyeshadows and primer are 4 gram sizes, comparable to napoleon perdis color discs or makeup forever shadows.  The primer would be perfect if you have drier lids, it is very creamy and moisturizing.

L-R: (quad) eye primer, e/s in; canyon, au cafe, blossom

The blush is beautifully silky, pigmentation comparable to costal scents (i.e. VERY pigmented) and blends easily.  The color sent to me could also double as a highlight, as it is very light and eye-catching.  The blush packaging is a single containter magnetic box, once again in the 4 gram size, so the blush can easily be placed into the eyeshadow quad for convenient travel!

Blush in Fairy

One of my favorite ingredients in lipsticks, glosses, and any moisturizing cream is Lanolin (the oil sheep produce to protect their coat).  It is extremely moisturizing, silky, and a main ingredient in both the lipsticks and glosses.  The lipstick is scented like delicious brown sugar and has a finish similar to mac's glazes.  the purple cardboard packaging is adorable with a little rhinestone on top to finish it off and pull it together.  Lipsticks are 4 gram sizes.  The glosses come in a plastic container with a cardboard lid.  The wand ends with a doe-foot applicator, and the gloss itself is very highly pigmented (more like a liquid lipstick in fact) and smells of mint (kind of like mint dental that weird?).  they come in 10 ml sizes.

L-R: lipstick in Sweet, lipgloss in Awesome

Overall, the quality and size of the products are well worth the money.  The staff is friendly and helpful, and the service is fantastic.  If you are a fan of cute colorful packaging, or are eco-conscious, then this brand is more than ideal for you.

Downfalls; The website provides colorblock samples rather than actual swatches, which can be very misleading when it comes to the true color, texture, and finish of the product, although these ones are fairly close.

I would re-purchase the lipsticks for myself, as I am absolutely in love with the scent, and the blush is definitley a favorite of mine.  The primer is a bit too oily for me, and with my long 7am-11pm days, I need like liquid cement to keep my shadow on hehe.  The packaging is absolutely adorable, but I tend to lean toward more chic and simple packaging, but I know there are a lot of people out there who do love colorful fun packaging, so this is definitley for you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Product Rave: Cocomotion Pigment

Now, I am deeeeply sorry for my absence, but hopefully all of you know by now that I have a youtube account and have been updating that avidly, so your Deanne Fix has been fulfilled ( ). Also, I realize that my blogs are rather flimsy...but blogs are where i share my most loved and desired things, like the avon supershock mascara? my holy grail. and now for an eyeshadow pigment that i don't think i'll ever put down.

Cocomotion is a grgeous golden deep sand coor with tons of gold glitter reflects. I would say the closest mac eyeshadow to it in my collection is tempting. It looks unreal against green eyes, especially on the bottom lid, it really brings a pop to your peepers. as a limited edition makeup art cosmetics collection product, you wouldhave found this at mac stores for $23.50 CAD. However, now that it's long gone, you'll be a lucky lady to find it at a CCO, bog sale, or at I highly recommend this product and think that it is unique, gorgeous, and couldn't be happier with it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I absolutely, without question, had to take a moment out to blog about this fantastic dupe that I have heard so little about around the blogging/youtube community. Avon Supershock mascara is the perfect combination of Cover Girl's Lashblast mixed with Diorshow (Or Buxom Lash, both are very similar) and costs peanuts compared to the both of them! Avon products are almost ALWAYS on special, so I frequently purchase mine for around $4.00 CAD each. The bristles are firm and plastic-y, like those on the Lashblast wand, but they are more fine and dense, as tehre are more of them, like Diorshow. Avon has some really great products, and some absolute busts, but as far as Supershock goes, I find myself reaching for this over my $35.00 mascaras on a daily basis. It is definitley worth a try! You can visit or to find an Avon seller near you, or if it is not available where you are, I would be happy to try and arrange for a swap :o)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deanne Wants....Tag!

Alrighty so the jist (is that how you spell jist? is that even a real word?) of this tag is that you google your name and the work wants (i.e. "Deanne wants") and take the first 5 search results that make sense and post them :) just a for fun kind of thing. to make this blog a little longer I also added a part 2 of 5 things...okay more than 5 things... I really do want, no google middleman included! and i tag all of you to do this! it's good clean blogging fun! and some of them are pretty hilarious.

Deanne wants....the Google version

1: What she cannot have.
2: To make a craft/exercise room.
3: To leave her uncle's home in a regional town and move to the city.
4: To get her hopes up, he won't stop her.
5: You to join her band in Rockstars.

Deanne Wants....the Deanne version

Satin Taupe e/s by mac. Am i the only person who doesn't have this? it seems like every youtube video i watch nowadays includes satin taupe somehow....anyway i want it, not because i swatched it and like it or any logical reason like that....just because everybody else has it. lol.

Has anyone else been visiting every day to stare at the photos of the adorable kits that are coming out with this collection? no? just me? i am absolutely mesmerized by the marketing and promo photos, and the packaging...sooooo cute! and i am SUPER picky about packaging, i think it's safe to say that the only other non original mac packaging i have enjoyed was the barbie collection. so...GO MAC! yay!

Jimmy Choo Sky Hobo bag...umm HELLOOOOO how cute for fall, spring, AND summer is this bag! love it.

If Barbie and David Dixon had a baby.....oh wait....they fact they had many babies and created the Barbie by David Dixon line for fall 2009. This gorgeous houndstooth number is one of the many things i'll be dreaming about saving up for...then spending all the money on new MAC releases instead...ahaha...story of my life.

NBA season to start! This is like a 4 part want actually, I want the season to start, I want another ring for the Lakers, I want to head down to LA to catch a game (maybe 2!!) and i want this shirt........

It's a Forever21 vintage distressed tank, with the magic johnson name and number printed on the back, i love love love it so if you have one and are not wearing it or willing to sell it, let me know and i will gladly take it off your hands, and kiss your feet! need this shirt!

Fix+ I have Never tried this product but am craving it soooo badly! I have heard equally great things about 'model in a bottle' but couldn't be bothered to go through the trouble to get it in my posession.

This A&F hoodie, I LOVE their fleece, and the nearest A&F to me is an 8 hour drive, oh lust. Winnipeg winter is coming, hello -35C! Must....Acquire.....Warm.....Clothing.....andstillbefashionable!

Friday, August 7, 2009

July Favourites

Yes, i am well aware that i did NOT post a july favourites video on my YT account, so i decided to do it old school, blog style :0) please excuse any grammatical errors, as i am lazy. haha.


Darker, Bolder, Pinker.

as awful as it is to think of, fall is approaching, and if you haven't seen the billion upcoming collection releases for fall, it seems that darker lips are the trending look. but i digress, with the wonderful sin kissed bronzey glow i quickly developed in the hot sumemr months, my face seems to be extremely forgiving when it comes to darker lipstick shades. thank the lord. one of my favourite shades is Speak Louder l/s by mac. it's helping ween me into the brick reds and bold pinks i'll be attempting for fall :o)

Sally Girl nail polish in Pink It Up

This polish, clearly, is not so pink. It is a beautiful orangey coral colour taht reminds me of mexico...even though i've never been there. it's vibrant and gorgrous, and yes, it was only 99 wouldn't love that? i've been going back and forth between the sally girl polishes in this shade, satsuma, and another pink shade i can't remember the name of right now hehehe

Orlando Pita T3 Refresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo

let me tell you guys, this stuff, smells, amazing. i am notorious for driving around int the summer after work, hitting up the mall, taking the long way home, just so i can be in my convertible and take advantage of the gorgeous summer heat. but come home time, when i'm getting ready to go out, omg omg omg, my hair feels like polllution, if you know what i mean. this stuff, refreshes, volumized, de-greases, de-stinkifies, and beautifies my hair. i find myself spraying it even when i don't need it, because i love love love the smell and just want to smell like it all the time. lol.

[sorry, i had crazy photo issues with this one]

Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel

ummmm this stuff, it's love. so much that i'm writing this entire post in valentine's day colors....sort of.... that's how much love i have in my heart right now for chanel. valentine's day in august, how about that?

Victoria's Secret Bikinis

Victorias secret does an amazing job at making the prettiest, most comfortable, universally flattering lingerie ever, so it isd only natural that this would be an easily transferrable quality when it comes to their clothing, and swimwear. the VS bikinis are amazingly flattering, and they have all sorts of cuts, colors, and styles to satisfy the smallest of boobs or the biggest of booties :) i bought 6 of them last month including the one pictured above in this pink polka dot print and a beautiful eggplant purple (see the countryfest photos below)

Nars 'The Multiple' in Orgasm

so i was a little late on the Nars boat, because the first time i had ever seen nars sold in my city was at Sephora which just opened in the spring this year, and i do not do a lot of online makeup shopping for obvious reasons or shade difficulties etc. but i am loving this stuff. i had no idea the texture of a stick product like this could be so lovely!

MAC tag

ok ok, i confess, i edited this tag a little, but, the last one kind of confused know. i did what i had to do :o)

How long have you been using MAC?
since i was in 12th grade, so about 4 years now.

What was your first MAC product?
is it bad that i don't know the exact answer to this one? i bought a lipglass that came out with the collection that was being promoted in june of '05, it was a rosey pink lipglass with tons of sparkle in it, and no it wasn't a lustreglass, it had a doefoot applicator :)

What is your all time favourite MAC product?
general product: lipsticks. but my favourite finish is cremesheen and my favourite shade is hue, even though that's a glaze. lol.

What is your least favourite MAC product?
the liquid foundations really really don't work for my skin, they make me look cakey and gross.

Do you own a PRO card?
no, i don't even think there are any pro stores within a 800km radius of me!

Your MAC foundation shade?
powder foundation? NC42

Your favourite MAC foundation?
studiofix powder foundation

omg omg, what a question to ask! carbon is used everyday, but shroom and twinks are close seconds, and vex. and petina. ahahahaha

love love love hue for everyday, buttttt speak louder and st. germaine are my going out shades.

wildly lush plushglass, although i don't really use lipglass ever.

eye kohl in smoulder

dollymix....i even love the name hehehe....but i LOVE LOVE LOVE daft pink mineralize blush. more than dollymix. does that count as a blush?

Nail Lacquer?

Pro Product?
i haven't used any pro products....yet....there are some shadows i'd love to get my hands on!

239 is a classic. gets used every single day.

studiofix concealer, i'm an nw25.

shizza....well i use my MSF natural in deep dark every day, but i like my MSF in refined more.....hahaha

Paint Pot?
bare study

i don't prefer any mac mascara, but if i have to pic, plush lash. is that what its even called? i'm just making up names now.

False Lashes?
20's....and the hello kitty lashes (still available online! can you believe it?!)

i thought the barbie collection was just brilliant. barbie is such a great marketing ploy for anything girlie, aboslutely anything. love barbie. but as far as actual products, the colour crafted collection had some really beautiful stuff.

What products do you think MAC are missing?
a foundation (liquid) that people like? hahaha....there are so few people who actually enjoy using the mac liquid foundations....i think it's time to re-think their formula! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'cause we like it country!

Howdy yall :)

so a couple of weeks ago i hit up dauphin countryfest for the third year in a row. They featured some awesome artists this year including tim mcgraw, neal mccoy, and crystal shawanda. of course, as usual, our week revolved mostly around getting as drunk as possible, playing the most rediculous variations of drinking games, and sleeping as little as possible (i totaled 3 hours for the week). thought i'd post some fun photos so you guys could check out what you're missing, and maybe, just maybe, one year, you can join me on july long weekend in beautiful dauphin, manitoba, canada :)

not the greatest photo, this is at the roadhammers concert, on the floor, you can kind of see the crazy amount of people in the background (there were 25,000 people there!)

i had to wear uggs for one afternoon in +30 weather.... right after it hailed

we had to put an end to keaton's nap....wakey wakey, time to drinky!

2 of my favouritest people everrrr! this was right after we got back from the creek.

me and mikey at the talent competition, cheering keaton on!

this is me and jen waiting in line on the highway, we waited for almost 24 hours! well worth it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

deanne's great hair affair

so if you have seen my most recent youtube video, you would know i am having quite the coniption trying to decide on a hair color....
therefore i have posted some of my past hair colors in pictures below, please leave a comment below or on the youtube video and let me know what you guys think i should do! sorry about the lack of editing the a lazy mofo today hehe.

chocolatey brown brown
honey blonde

dark brown with blonde chunks

light brown with strawberry blonde

blonde blonde

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lust Often, Love Always

I painted my nails this almost exact color last night.....and i hated it... lol. SO. I want to blog today about LOLA cosmetics. Lola, which stands for 'lust often, love always', is a company out of Los Angeles CA. Their products are available very sparingly throughout the US, Canada and the UK (see for product and store info). While at the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique, i came across this line, mostly attracted to the striking chic red packaging. They had a ton of products available, what i'm assuming is the entire line actually. Now obviously i didn't stand tehre and memorize all the product names, so please bear with me while i describe to you my first thoughts. The first product to appeal to me was the bronzing face and body powder. It's available in a bronze and a pink color, both with gold shimmer, and it effing smells like amazing cake! the downfall? its freaking sparkly as all hell. so pretty much the only place Deanne would wear this is on her legs in the summer maybe.....not with the bf though, becuse it would get cake sparkles alll over his pants. and thats gay. i mean 90's. speaking of which, we were in minnesota a couple weeks ago and drove past a club called gay 90's. haha. oh clubs. *ADD* so the consistency of all the powder products is really nice, so i bought the wet/dry foundation. i bought the second darkest shade....caramel....specifically mentioning to the beauty expert that i need a color for my summer tan. it was NOT dark enough for my skin NOW! i returned it the next day. the darkest shade was fine for now, not for summer though. soooo....sad deanne. but like if you are fair skinned i really really recommend it. it's a beautiful product and feels just gorgeous on your skin. it's a little pricey at about $40 a pop, where as like, the MAC MSF natural runs at $30....soooo....keep that in mind. ANYWAY, also i picked up a lip gloss. The texture....AMAZING. the color.....glossy. pretty much clear (i bought 3 different shades, a nude, a pink, and a bronze) and once again, too sparkly. I feel like im writing the most boring blog ever right now.... am i? lol.....ok. good times. ummm so yes, overall, this cosmetic line is too highly priced for such an unknown brand, but the quality is really something else, its got some greeaaatt textures going on (but i can't help but compare to othe brands, like MAC, and so i'm thinking this is not really any sort of must-have line). if you love a great textured product, and you're fair skinned or ok with glitter, than please by all means, love it up! oh ya but you have to have a money tree.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Camping for the beauty-conscious

apparently it was REALLY funny that it looked like kelly's body was the mirror...oh juicebags. (YES I am blonde in this photo! what can i say, i've been there and done that for every hair color out there! what do you guys think? should i go blonde again this summer?!)

Ahhhh it's that time of year again! Time to air out the 12-person tent, check the king sized air mattress for any leaks, purchase new gas-powered straighteners and curling irons, and stock up on top shelf vodka and martini mix. Yes, this is the life of my best friend and I, this is our every weekend throughout the summer! Oh yes, we get called every name in the book; barbies, girly girls, city chicks, losers, but truth be told, on night 2 of or camping extravaganza, YOU are the one crawling into my roomy vanity tent begging for a drop of spray in conditioner or some body butter! bahahaha. hilarious. seriously though guys, i know we are pretty girly, but around here, pretty camping is a smart strategy! This is how i met my current boyfriend! not by curling his hair or anything....but by being the girl that could go camping, have a blast, and still be pretty haha. although i love to get dirty at a fishing hole and cause a drunken ruckus on the campground, all of this can be done while looking your best! here are some of the camping essentials that can get you through the summer looking fine fine fine!

1) Full-length mirror (see photo) from wal-mart. Me and kelly discovered this when we went to walmart to get a hand mirror for our tent. Full length mirrors are HALF the price of hand mirrors at walmart! i'm talking like 4 bucks! solid investment. EVERYBODY used ours. they laughed at first....but they were sorry. bonus points for charging girls a 1-shot entrance fee to your tent ;)

2) Big ass bottles of water. We went to a wholesale store and bought a 15 pack of litre bottles of water. hydration is key on binge drinking weekends for looking your best, but also, you never know when you're going to run into a campground with no running water or showers. it is at this point, that washing your hair with dasani never sounded so sweet!

3) Sunblock. Nothing is more unattractive than the drunk lobster girl hitting on your friend.

4) HUGE dope shades. big sunglasses are the world's biggest lifesavers. runny makeup and tired eyes are instantly cured by covering up with a giant piece of tinted plastic. i buy mine cheap so if i lose or break them, no loss! pick up 2 pairs just incase!

5) waterproof mascara. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then we want to frame them with gorgeous full lashes! mascara is the easiest way to look done up but not overdone. make it waterproof, because nobody wants to look like a raccoon.

6) tinted moisturizer (bonus if you get an SPF one!). you want to be a pretty girl, not a prettygirl. don't spend all day in your tent with your studio fix and a 187, or whatever the crap foundation brush number is. slap on some tinted moisturizer and git on girl!!!

7) a cooler full of carrots, celery, cucumbers and broccoli!!! you will feel absolutely terrible if you spend your whole long weekend eating hot dogs and chips! it might sound great once you've chugged a mickey, but trust me, when you feel like crap, people can tell. you won't want to strut around in your cute new VS bikini with a bloated belly!

8) a cute sundress. Because hey, you can be prepared for any type of weather, but please please please be prepared for that FINE unexpected abercrombie model staying 3 campsites down from you.

Now these are a few things that come to my mind when i'm packing.....maybe i'll do a version 2....when i think of more...but hopefully this will get you through some fun weekends!


Love you BARBIES!

Monday, April 27, 2009

me and kev at the magic/timberwolves game....the most unattractive picture on my memory card. i thought it was necessary to post.


So ohh my gosh I have finally conformed and created a blog. Although none of you actually know that.....yet....but you will.....soon.....when I announce it on youtube.....i.e. when i figure out something to blog about. I'm just firing this baby up now so that when the time comes that i need to post a swatch or a pic of something dope, I don't have to be like....hmmm now i have to create a blog first don't I? will be here. waiting for me.

Some exciting news is that I got a callback from my clinique counter and they want me to work there....bad news is that it is in the heart of downtown and i don't own any nearby buildings so my parking will cost me about $15.00 a shift. not so good. I think i'll hold out to hear back from sephora (which opens its first location in my city next month! yay!) You guys will haveto update me on all the great things to buy that i might have missed on the website or at my nearby locations. I hope they carry some good stuff at my store!

Anyways, i like you guys, and i'm gonna pretty up and follow through on some video requests so those wlll be up soon. xoxoxo