Thursday, December 17, 2009

FOTD: Marissa Miller Inspired

Soooooo I've never done a face of the day on blogger, what a good time to start! In commemoration of finishing the worst class I have ever taken (did the exam last night), stats, I will blog about the furthest thing from the binomial distribution of the statistical likelihood that IQ and GPA are affected by some third independent variable. MAKEUP.

This was the photo I took the look from, sort of a champagney pink with brown eye, peacy brown cheek and light pink glossy lip.

And This is my version of the look.  Here is what I used:

Eyeshadow: (all MAC) All Tha Glitters all over the lid, Girly on the outer half, and Mystery in the outer v, blnded into the crease.
Then I took a brown liner to the outer half of my top lif and the bottom lid, not on the waterline.  Sealed the liner with MAC e/s in Mystery.

Two Coats of Bare Ecsentuals Buxom Lash

Enough Said Beauty Powder Blush by MAC all over the cheek and up the cheek bone

Mac Hue Lipstick with Virgin Kiss Lipglass over top.

My Hair is "second-day curly hair", i.e. i curled my hair yesteday, and this is what it looked like when i woke up today.  To watch my hair curling tutorial, click the link below :)

Hope you guys like the look, sorry i didn't get a better photo of the finished look, I was in a mega rush to get out the door to work :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Guru'd-up Christmas List

So of course being an absoloute makeup guru, i want makeup makeup clothes and makeup for christmas pretty much. I didn't want to do a video on this, and thought it might be a a nice guide for 'googling last minute boyfriend shoppers' to reference. So boys, if your girlfriend is a girl, chances are she'll love anything here. And girls, maybe this will inspire you for friends, family, or yourself!

Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette

  I am about 100 years behind on this one. Although Nars has come out with some beautiful palettes for Christmas, i have never been a fan of having more than one product in a palette (i.e. lip gloss, shadow, and blush).  These 6 eyeshadows are gorgeous, wearable, can't go wrong colors and any girl is sure to love them. especially me......*hint:kevin*

Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzer

A part of the Soleil Tan de Chanel line, the 4 facettes bronzer can serve as a blush, bronzer/contour and highlight.  The packaging is gorgeous and chic, who wouldn't want to be seen pulling this out of their purse to touch up? I've had a chance to play with this one at the Bay and the brush is actually quite nice, very soft, and picks up a lot of product.  Chanel is alllllways a good way to go. Classy, Chic, and will make ANY girl feel special.


Chanel Mat Lumiere Liquid Foundation

Again with the Chanel, this time it's personal.  I have been going through an absolute foundation crisis.  Unable to find the right one for me, my Chanel MA gave me some samples of this baby, and WOW, this is definitley top 5 on my Christmas list.  Amazing formula, coverage, everything down to the scent is just lovely.


Lush Angels on Bareskin Facial Clay Cleanser

Although I would love a lot of things from Lush, i am very particular about the scents that i choose, so soaps, bath bombs, and bubble bars frequently get taken back by me in exchange for my love of frosty gritter, honey bee, and comforter.  This on the other hand, is an absolute miracle of a cleanser.  I started using it about a month ago, and i just adore it. It's nice to get things that you need for christmas too, because i HATE spending like $20 of my own money on a little thing of face cleanser.

True Religion for Women Eau De Parfum

Everyone loves perfume as a gift, it is another one of those expensive things that if we girls could have a million of, we would.  This scent had me at hello.  I haven't yet saved to purchase it myself, you may have noticed i've been asking SephoraClaus for it everyyyyy dayyyyy hahaha.  But again, i'm very particular about my scents.  This one is a shoe-in :)


Chanel Sunglasses

Ok it's safe to say i'm all about Chanel this christmas.   You know those big dark square sunglasses that EVERYBODY wore circa 2007? ya i want those. I'm bringing them back into my life, baller style.  I would LOVE some chanel sunglasses, ones which i won't lose, this tim.  I think I've decided i'm responsible enough for designer shades now....anyway...i need ones that you can't see my eyes through...incase i want to check a guy out or something :) mwaha.


Cavalier King Charles Puppy

Every year for the last 5 years I have asked for a puppy for my birthday, christmas, easter, valentines day, everything.  Now since we don't have a lot of snow here yet, it's perfect puppy training weather, and omg how cute are these guys!? this is the puppy that the queen has like a million of. everybody cross your fingers for me! we want a deanne5253 cohost!

So this is my list for now, i really don't want much more than this except a heating blanket because my room is FREEEEEEZING, and some cute winter clothes. maybe a warm jacket for those -45C days.  Hope this gave you some ideas, i'm thinking of doing a "what to get the man in your life for christmas" post, would you be down? let me know!