Friday, August 7, 2009

July Favourites

Yes, i am well aware that i did NOT post a july favourites video on my YT account, so i decided to do it old school, blog style :0) please excuse any grammatical errors, as i am lazy. haha.


Darker, Bolder, Pinker.

as awful as it is to think of, fall is approaching, and if you haven't seen the billion upcoming collection releases for fall, it seems that darker lips are the trending look. but i digress, with the wonderful sin kissed bronzey glow i quickly developed in the hot sumemr months, my face seems to be extremely forgiving when it comes to darker lipstick shades. thank the lord. one of my favourite shades is Speak Louder l/s by mac. it's helping ween me into the brick reds and bold pinks i'll be attempting for fall :o)

Sally Girl nail polish in Pink It Up

This polish, clearly, is not so pink. It is a beautiful orangey coral colour taht reminds me of mexico...even though i've never been there. it's vibrant and gorgrous, and yes, it was only 99 wouldn't love that? i've been going back and forth between the sally girl polishes in this shade, satsuma, and another pink shade i can't remember the name of right now hehehe

Orlando Pita T3 Refresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo

let me tell you guys, this stuff, smells, amazing. i am notorious for driving around int the summer after work, hitting up the mall, taking the long way home, just so i can be in my convertible and take advantage of the gorgeous summer heat. but come home time, when i'm getting ready to go out, omg omg omg, my hair feels like polllution, if you know what i mean. this stuff, refreshes, volumized, de-greases, de-stinkifies, and beautifies my hair. i find myself spraying it even when i don't need it, because i love love love the smell and just want to smell like it all the time. lol.

[sorry, i had crazy photo issues with this one]

Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel

ummmm this stuff, it's love. so much that i'm writing this entire post in valentine's day colors....sort of.... that's how much love i have in my heart right now for chanel. valentine's day in august, how about that?

Victoria's Secret Bikinis

Victorias secret does an amazing job at making the prettiest, most comfortable, universally flattering lingerie ever, so it isd only natural that this would be an easily transferrable quality when it comes to their clothing, and swimwear. the VS bikinis are amazingly flattering, and they have all sorts of cuts, colors, and styles to satisfy the smallest of boobs or the biggest of booties :) i bought 6 of them last month including the one pictured above in this pink polka dot print and a beautiful eggplant purple (see the countryfest photos below)

Nars 'The Multiple' in Orgasm

so i was a little late on the Nars boat, because the first time i had ever seen nars sold in my city was at Sephora which just opened in the spring this year, and i do not do a lot of online makeup shopping for obvious reasons or shade difficulties etc. but i am loving this stuff. i had no idea the texture of a stick product like this could be so lovely!

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