Friday, August 7, 2009

MAC tag

ok ok, i confess, i edited this tag a little, but, the last one kind of confused know. i did what i had to do :o)

How long have you been using MAC?
since i was in 12th grade, so about 4 years now.

What was your first MAC product?
is it bad that i don't know the exact answer to this one? i bought a lipglass that came out with the collection that was being promoted in june of '05, it was a rosey pink lipglass with tons of sparkle in it, and no it wasn't a lustreglass, it had a doefoot applicator :)

What is your all time favourite MAC product?
general product: lipsticks. but my favourite finish is cremesheen and my favourite shade is hue, even though that's a glaze. lol.

What is your least favourite MAC product?
the liquid foundations really really don't work for my skin, they make me look cakey and gross.

Do you own a PRO card?
no, i don't even think there are any pro stores within a 800km radius of me!

Your MAC foundation shade?
powder foundation? NC42

Your favourite MAC foundation?
studiofix powder foundation

omg omg, what a question to ask! carbon is used everyday, but shroom and twinks are close seconds, and vex. and petina. ahahahaha

love love love hue for everyday, buttttt speak louder and st. germaine are my going out shades.

wildly lush plushglass, although i don't really use lipglass ever.

eye kohl in smoulder

dollymix....i even love the name hehehe....but i LOVE LOVE LOVE daft pink mineralize blush. more than dollymix. does that count as a blush?

Nail Lacquer?

Pro Product?
i haven't used any pro products....yet....there are some shadows i'd love to get my hands on!

239 is a classic. gets used every single day.

studiofix concealer, i'm an nw25.

shizza....well i use my MSF natural in deep dark every day, but i like my MSF in refined more.....hahaha

Paint Pot?
bare study

i don't prefer any mac mascara, but if i have to pic, plush lash. is that what its even called? i'm just making up names now.

False Lashes?
20's....and the hello kitty lashes (still available online! can you believe it?!)

i thought the barbie collection was just brilliant. barbie is such a great marketing ploy for anything girlie, aboslutely anything. love barbie. but as far as actual products, the colour crafted collection had some really beautiful stuff.

What products do you think MAC are missing?
a foundation (liquid) that people like? hahaha....there are so few people who actually enjoy using the mac liquid foundations....i think it's time to re-think their formula! :)

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