Monday, April 27, 2009

me and kev at the magic/timberwolves game....the most unattractive picture on my memory card. i thought it was necessary to post.


So ohh my gosh I have finally conformed and created a blog. Although none of you actually know that.....yet....but you will.....soon.....when I announce it on youtube.....i.e. when i figure out something to blog about. I'm just firing this baby up now so that when the time comes that i need to post a swatch or a pic of something dope, I don't have to be like....hmmm now i have to create a blog first don't I? will be here. waiting for me.

Some exciting news is that I got a callback from my clinique counter and they want me to work there....bad news is that it is in the heart of downtown and i don't own any nearby buildings so my parking will cost me about $15.00 a shift. not so good. I think i'll hold out to hear back from sephora (which opens its first location in my city next month! yay!) You guys will haveto update me on all the great things to buy that i might have missed on the website or at my nearby locations. I hope they carry some good stuff at my store!

Anyways, i like you guys, and i'm gonna pretty up and follow through on some video requests so those wlll be up soon. xoxoxo

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  1. Hi! Good luck with your blog! I came across your videos on youtube - they are great - keep em coming!