Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deanne Wants....Tag!

Alrighty so the jist (is that how you spell jist? is that even a real word?) of this tag is that you google your name and the work wants (i.e. "Deanne wants") and take the first 5 search results that make sense and post them :) just a for fun kind of thing. to make this blog a little longer I also added a part 2 of 5 things...okay more than 5 things... I really do want, no google middleman included! and i tag all of you to do this! it's good clean blogging fun! and some of them are pretty hilarious.

Deanne wants....the Google version

1: What she cannot have.
2: To make a craft/exercise room.
3: To leave her uncle's home in a regional town and move to the city.
4: To get her hopes up, he won't stop her.
5: You to join her band in Rockstars.

Deanne Wants....the Deanne version

Satin Taupe e/s by mac. Am i the only person who doesn't have this? it seems like every youtube video i watch nowadays includes satin taupe somehow....anyway i want it, not because i swatched it and like it or any logical reason like that....just because everybody else has it. lol.

Has anyone else been visiting every day to stare at the photos of the adorable kits that are coming out with this collection? no? just me? i am absolutely mesmerized by the marketing and promo photos, and the packaging...sooooo cute! and i am SUPER picky about packaging, i think it's safe to say that the only other non original mac packaging i have enjoyed was the barbie collection. so...GO MAC! yay!

Jimmy Choo Sky Hobo bag...umm HELLOOOOO how cute for fall, spring, AND summer is this bag! love it.

If Barbie and David Dixon had a baby.....oh wait....they fact they had many babies and created the Barbie by David Dixon line for fall 2009. This gorgeous houndstooth number is one of the many things i'll be dreaming about saving up for...then spending all the money on new MAC releases instead...ahaha...story of my life.

NBA season to start! This is like a 4 part want actually, I want the season to start, I want another ring for the Lakers, I want to head down to LA to catch a game (maybe 2!!) and i want this shirt........

It's a Forever21 vintage distressed tank, with the magic johnson name and number printed on the back, i love love love it so if you have one and are not wearing it or willing to sell it, let me know and i will gladly take it off your hands, and kiss your feet! need this shirt!

Fix+ I have Never tried this product but am craving it soooo badly! I have heard equally great things about 'model in a bottle' but couldn't be bothered to go through the trouble to get it in my posession.

This A&F hoodie, I LOVE their fleece, and the nearest A&F to me is an 8 hour drive, oh lust. Winnipeg winter is coming, hello -35C! Must....Acquire.....Warm.....Clothing.....andstillbefashionable!


  1. It's so funny that you posted this. I just got home from MAC and actually purchased both satin taupe and FIX+ for the first time! haha. Love the post :) xo.

  2. hey Deanne!
    I'm a new follower of yours on here and I also subscribed to you on youtube! I love your videos and personality, you seem really sweet ;) I have satin taupe and fix+ by MAC and they are both amazing products! Highly recommend them. And I also am totally lusting after the winter MAC collection!

  3. Hi Deanne!

    Love the tag! I just started my own beauty blog this morning and decided to take on this tag. I love that you added on to it. It def makes it that much better!

    I also live in Canada, east coast, above Maine. About a 4 hour drive to the border. I'm hoping to head down soon, in-a-couple-days soon. I love A&F sweaters too. So not looking forward to the dry cold winters ! :(


  4. i dont have satin taupe either!! one say ill get it.. lol

  5. Hi! i've been enjoying your yt videos and blog for a while (yay fellow canadians! ) I've given you an award on my blog!
    xo em

  6. Another Canadian Laker girl? This is excellent news! Though, I'm sort of a Laker girl by default... blame my Californian boyfriend for sucking me in.