Friday, June 19, 2009

Lust Often, Love Always

I painted my nails this almost exact color last night.....and i hated it... lol. SO. I want to blog today about LOLA cosmetics. Lola, which stands for 'lust often, love always', is a company out of Los Angeles CA. Their products are available very sparingly throughout the US, Canada and the UK (see for product and store info). While at the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique, i came across this line, mostly attracted to the striking chic red packaging. They had a ton of products available, what i'm assuming is the entire line actually. Now obviously i didn't stand tehre and memorize all the product names, so please bear with me while i describe to you my first thoughts. The first product to appeal to me was the bronzing face and body powder. It's available in a bronze and a pink color, both with gold shimmer, and it effing smells like amazing cake! the downfall? its freaking sparkly as all hell. so pretty much the only place Deanne would wear this is on her legs in the summer maybe.....not with the bf though, becuse it would get cake sparkles alll over his pants. and thats gay. i mean 90's. speaking of which, we were in minnesota a couple weeks ago and drove past a club called gay 90's. haha. oh clubs. *ADD* so the consistency of all the powder products is really nice, so i bought the wet/dry foundation. i bought the second darkest shade....caramel....specifically mentioning to the beauty expert that i need a color for my summer tan. it was NOT dark enough for my skin NOW! i returned it the next day. the darkest shade was fine for now, not for summer though. soooo....sad deanne. but like if you are fair skinned i really really recommend it. it's a beautiful product and feels just gorgeous on your skin. it's a little pricey at about $40 a pop, where as like, the MAC MSF natural runs at $30....soooo....keep that in mind. ANYWAY, also i picked up a lip gloss. The texture....AMAZING. the color.....glossy. pretty much clear (i bought 3 different shades, a nude, a pink, and a bronze) and once again, too sparkly. I feel like im writing the most boring blog ever right now.... am i? lol.....ok. good times. ummm so yes, overall, this cosmetic line is too highly priced for such an unknown brand, but the quality is really something else, its got some greeaaatt textures going on (but i can't help but compare to othe brands, like MAC, and so i'm thinking this is not really any sort of must-have line). if you love a great textured product, and you're fair skinned or ok with glitter, than please by all means, love it up! oh ya but you have to have a money tree.

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