Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'cause we like it country!

Howdy yall :)

so a couple of weeks ago i hit up dauphin countryfest for the third year in a row. They featured some awesome artists this year including tim mcgraw, neal mccoy, and crystal shawanda. of course, as usual, our week revolved mostly around getting as drunk as possible, playing the most rediculous variations of drinking games, and sleeping as little as possible (i totaled 3 hours for the week). thought i'd post some fun photos so you guys could check out what you're missing, and maybe, just maybe, one year, you can join me on july long weekend in beautiful dauphin, manitoba, canada :)

not the greatest photo, this is at the roadhammers concert, on the floor, you can kind of see the crazy amount of people in the background (there were 25,000 people there!)

i had to wear uggs for one afternoon in +30 weather.... right after it hailed

we had to put an end to keaton's nap....wakey wakey, time to drinky!

2 of my favouritest people everrrr! this was right after we got back from the creek.

me and mikey at the talent competition, cheering keaton on!

this is me and jen waiting in line on the highway, we waited for almost 24 hours! well worth it!

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