Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lush Ultra Bland

They Say:

"With a peanut-oil base, this cream cleanser takes off makeup in an instant without leaving your skin feeling parched. It's soft and gentle, but deep cleansing as the oils reach down and pull out every trace of dirt and makeup (even the thickest of eyeliners!). Rose, beeswax and honey soothe and moisturize the skin. Give yourself an Ultrabland facial massage each night, then remove with a warm cloth and your skin will feel soft and smooth without any scrubbing at all."

Dee Says:

Ultra Bland is an absolutely amazing, thick, creamy, luxurious makeup remover.  I use it to remove my eye makeup, then follow up with my facial cleanser.  It leaves my eyes feeling hydrated and taut instead of irritated, pulled on, and red like SO many makeup removers do.  It's like a richer version of an oil-based remover, so if you're an oil fan, this is right up your alley! careful though, it's made with peanut oil so it is a no-go for all you peanut allergy carriers :( $14.95 for the 100g container shown here.

Before: a very tired smoky eye

During: use about a fingertip's amount and gently masage into your eyes

Wipe away with a tissue or cotton pad (don't try to rinse it off, the water won't remove this oily product)

After: a clean, eye makeup-free face, with no traces on black or leftover mascara the next morning (don't you HATE that!?) And a happy Deanne :)....

Love the product, the price is definitley something I'm not too keen on, but it does last quite a while. Check out your local Lush for a demo, and if you're lucky, a take home tester!

Facial cleanser review to come...and yes it's Lush :)

What is your favourite oil-based makeup remover?


  1. I didn't like this one :(

    Once I learnt how to use it properly, I noticed it left my skin super soft and clean, but in a few days I noticed some pimples on my forehead. So I stopped using it, and they disappeared...then started using it again...BAM pimples. Soo I guess it wasn't for me, but I'm glad it works on you!

  2. Cool review, you're so naturally pretty! Love your blog, so I'm following now! Check out mine and follow me back if you want!

  3. I've never been to Lush. I'm taking my first trip there tomorrow so I'll be sure to ask for a sample of this!! =)