Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Hair Bug

No no no no no, I'm not talking about lice or any of that nastiness.  I'm talking about the hair bug...the urge I get once every 6 months to do something crazy to my locks.  Cut it short, dye it a crazy color, get a fringe, or the like.  Here are some of the photos that have my mouth watering and my leg twitching to dupe on myself.

Jessica Sutta  (yep, the redheaded pussycat doll).  This has been a go-to photo of mine for a loooong time coming now.  I am always apprehensive about adding red to my hair, because my face gets really red and splotchy sometimes, and i thought, this hair change will only bring it out even more. Regardless, I lust after these gorgeous auburn long locks on a daily basis. 

Miranda Kerr....and for that matter, most VS Angels.  They always have the most perfect shade with the most perfect highlights.  If I could splurge on one hair appointment, it would most definitley be with whoever highlights Miranda, Adriana, and Gisele's hair.  Never stripey, never orange, always gorgeous.  Anyway, this color would be very easy for me to achieve, just a brightening of my highlights and a touch up of the brown in my hair, and i'm there! Seems so simple....decisions decisions.
How is it possible that Disney always manages to find the most awkward looking 12 year old actresses around, and they always bloom within 3 years into the most gorgeous people on google images? This shade of blonde is what I had intentions of going to the last time I lightened my hair, but after 2 sessions of highlights, I caught the hair bug AGAIN and went back down to Megan Fox brown. But of course, there has to be a shade of barbie blonde in my array of hair color just wouldn't be complete without an ashley, a melissa or a carrie.

speaking of Megan Fox....I was browsing the internet and found this gorgeous photo of her with sun-kissed brown hair.  A bit of a change from her usual chocolate brown locks, this look is not so harsh and much more adaptable for paler skin like mine.  Unfortunatley my city only gets about 4 months of summer so the risk of my hair lightening from the sun is very very low, so if a dye job happens to be too harsh, i'm usually stuck with it for at least 75 shampoos.

Jennifer Aniston.   Enough said.
Who are your lusted-after celebrity hair icons?


  1. i really like the ashley tisdale look. makes me want to dye my hair that color :)

  2. we live in the same city, and even with our waaaaay too short summers, i say.... go dark! it'll make ur eyes pop and look amazing with a tan. (i;m a hairdresser and this is just my opinion) ask ur stylist for a level 5 natural brown and if ur worried about it being too dark leave some weaved highlights on top to keep it broken up, yet darker allover!

  3. lol...oops...just saw a newer yt video, and i realized ur hair is darker... it helps if i read dates!

  4. I hate to admit it but I love the Kim Kardashian long black hair. Probably because I have super long black hair. I needed a change lately so I stripped the black out from the chin to my butt (coz thats where my hair stops) and now i have black to my chin, light ash brown ends. sounds yuck but its actually fascinating. i joined ur blog because i seen a youtube video u did after just moving to a new house i think? u had ur hair pinned to the side and u had just used a blonde highlighting kit with a cap?

    i personally think you look a lot more gorgeous with light hair and no fringe. i think definitely pump up the blonde in your hair.

    you have the rest of your life to have dark hair. why not play up the blonde while ur young?


  5. I totally have this bug! I used to always want to change my hair up every couple of months. Once my hair got completely fried and damaged, I had to cut down my habit and just do small changes.I actually did a post on my favorite shades for hair last week. Jennifer Aniston has always been my dream hair. I have had blonde and many shades of brown, but she seems to have the most perfect shade ever!