Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Covergirl Last Blast Length Mascara

As the producers of one of the most sought-after mascaras around, CoverGirl has re-invented the formulation, application, and packaging of their infamous Lash Blast mascara and created Lash Blast Length.  The new version attempts to create the luscious gorgeous lashes you get with the original mascara, with the addition of getting the long curly beauties every girl dreams of! What a great investment! I'll take it.


The main difference between the old mascara and the new of course being the change in the structure of the wand.  The old wand, as so many of us are familiar with, is thicker & wider at the middle, while the new is longer and slimmer.  I'm not really sure on how this would create longer lashes, but if CoverGirl says so, I guess I have to believe it!

As for the results, well, they were fine, I wasn't blown away though.  I recieved the same results from one coat of this formulation as I would with two coats of the old formulation, with length in mind.  When considering volume, however, it does not coat my lashes as thoroughly as the old formulation, so the result in comparison : old=thick luscious lashes, new=long whispy lashes.


I've come to accept the fact that no mascara will do exactly what i wish it would, because the lashes I adore and lust after (Kim Kardashian, VS Angels, etc.) are often layered with 2 pairs of falsies and are nearly impossible to achieve with mascara alone.  So this mascara was a nice product to try, but I think i'll stick to my Avon Supershock, to keep my lashes and my wallet happy!

What is your favorite mascara? have you found your holy grail mascara yet?


  1. i like covergirl lashblast for fullness,
    but if I wanted to spend $ for mascara i like badgal from benefit, or high impact mascara from clinique

  2. Can't decide whether I prefer a slim brush or a really huge one...I think you have to find the best combo of product and brush! Preferably in the same mascara! If I could put two together it would be the YSL Vulume Infini Curl formulation with the brush from GOSH Show Me Volume (I use this for the looks on my blog as it creates mega-lashes for the pics!). Thanks for the review. x

  3. hmmm maybe the two would work well layered...I will try it out!

  4. I'm currently obsessed with Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme. Volume and length is pretty great with it. I don't think the perfect is out there. But for me I have okay lashes, that aren't sexy thick and long lashes but they are better than some out there. My best friend has gorgeous lashes and swears by Voluminous by Loreal. What really doesn't work is anything with those curved brushes, I don't get them because they really don't do anything but squish your lashes together.