Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tis The Season For Friends and Family Sales!

So many of you are also followers of my youtube channel, and may have seen the haul video in which I purchased my very first La Roche Posay product, the foaming cleanser for combination skin (click here.... La Roche Posay .......for a direct link to the cleanser).  I am absolutely in LOVE with this product, it lathers like nothing else I have EVARRRR used; It`s extremely cleansing but not too harsh or soapy for my drier winter skin.  Anywhoo, down to the nitty gritty, to keep this post short and sweet, I`ve caught wind of the skincarerx friends and family sale code, which will save you 25% on almost everything on the website SkinCareRx.com ! zomg. The code to use is simply FF25 at checkout, and it expired on December 1st so hurry up and get on that girrrrllll!    I also happened to hear that they are planning some juicy black friday and cyber monday deals for this week...I envy you Americans for your Thanksgiving festivities.....Macy`s parade, sweet potato bake and turkey followed by 3AM shopping!!! oh BABY!  Hope you all use this to your advantage, get that big chunk of holiday shopping done, and try out the la roche posay cleanser for yourselves :)



  1. That cleanser...and the skin care line in general...is THE best. For reals. My bitchy skin has never been so happy. Love the blog/youtube and love you!

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