Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lusting for Louis

For the last few months I have been absolutely loving the idea of making a Louis Vuitton bag mine mine mine! I always hated the idea of dishing out hundreds of dollars for an authentic Louis, because they make SUCH good fakes nowadays, and everyone would probably just assume that mine was a knock off....Well I have come to terms with the idea that people can think what they want, and that I would FEEL absolutely amazing carrying a beauty like that (real of course).  Although there are many beautiful models of LV bags, and although word on the street is that hobo bags are on their way out, I am drawn toward the gorgeous slouchy care-free nature of the speedy handbag.  I also love the idea that simply placing a cardboard piece in the bottom can create a more structured look, should I ever feel more neat and tidy with my bags.  I, like many girls, absolutely need a larger bag, ergo my first dilemna.  The speedy 30 is probably big enough.....but is it BIG enough? The 35 is sort of inbetween....but if i'm going to go for that size, should I just go all the way and go for the 40? This is where I need help from all you speedy owners....give me your input :)

The last dilemna....of the print.  Now I do love the bright colorful prints of the multicolour, and grafitti bags, but they are wayyyyy out of my price range.  I have narrowed it down to 2 beauties. The monogram canvas, and the damier azur.  Monogram canvas is classic and lovely, can be worn through all seasons, and when the straps start to tan, it doesn't offset the bag, as it matches the dark leather on the body.

The azur however, is just gorgeous.  The crip light print is perfect for spring and summer, and I am always drawn to lighter clothing and sccessories to offset my dark hair (does that even make sense? lol.)  This is the perfect bag for me, except for one thing.  When the straps tan, they get darker and darker, and eventually it looks really really awkward against the light print of the bag.  So any suggestions as to how to keep the straps light, would be much appreciated, and would make my decision much easier. 

So in summary, what are your favourite LV print/size combos? Maybe one I didn't mention?


  1. Fun, fun, fun! I am a fan of the classic Louis print...goes with everything and would be such a staple piece to have!

    Liesl :)

  2. I originally got a speedy 40 and it was just wayyy too big and I normally love big bags but it was border line a weekend bag so I exchanged it to 35 and I love it. 30 is a lil too small but 35 is just perfect I did get the monogram pattern and to be honest with you the bag is classic and it's gorgeous but the handles drive me crazy the leather is untreated so if it rains it stains or if you have lotion on your hand and stuff. So I would honestly suggest the brown damier pattern because the handles are treated and it's still a classic my LV Neverfull is in the brown damier pattern and I get a lot more use out of it! Good luck :-)

  3. I wouldn't go for the Damier Azur - I own one bag in that print and don't think I'll ever purchase it again. You say you'll be bothered by the darkening on the handles, which looks significantly darker as opposed to the way it looks on the Monogram Classic, but it will get dirty and a bit dingy looking, both inside and out. I also noticed the blue areas toward the bottom kind of faded. I have several Monogram Classics, but I think it's too common now, so try the Damier Ebene (the brown checkered one), it's not AS popular as the Monogram. Those are my two cents on the pattern; size, however, is purely subjective, so "try them on" at the store.

  4. I recently got the speedy 35 in the monogram canvas and let me tell you... the feeling of carrying a real one is something I would not trade in for the world even if people are haters and figure it is a fake just knowing that truthfully you have a real one is so nice! I also think that is the best size to get, because it is not to big not to small hope you get it enjoy!:)

  5. I have the speedy 30 damier ebene. Honestly, I was totally like "is it worth it to spend all that cash?" and I so do not regret it. It's such a classic bag that you will have forever. I mean you can easily spend that money on clothes which will last you like a year before you get sick of them. I don't know if I would go with the azur, the dye from your clothes can easily transfer on it, I really like the brown myself. The monogram, in my opinion is so overdone, you see those fakes everywhere, whereas the damier you don't see as much. As for the size, i really like the 30, not too big not too small, and you can really hold a lot of stuff in there. Here's a tip for buying them- get the bag in Canada, they are cheaper here than in the U.S. And if you want the best deal call the Calgary or Banff store (if that one still exists) and get them to ship it to you, Alberta has one tax. I got mine in the Montreal store and it was close to a hundred bux in taxes.

  6. Hi! I think the Speedy is such a classic choice! I have a Speedy 30 in both Monogram and Damier Ebene. I love both these prints and definitely do not regret the purchase. I was considering getting the Damier Azure print because it's such a fresh and clean look, however, I decided against it because one of my friends ruined hers by wearing it with dark denim jeans. The dye created an awful stain on one side of her purse. And since I am prone to stuff like that happening, I just stuck with the darker prints. :) Happy shopping!

  7. omg all of those are just gorgeous!

    love your blog! following you on your blog and youtube now :)

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  9. I don't know if you chose what you wanted yet, but I agree with many of the comments. I would totally go for the monogram canvas over the damier azur. I, myslef, tend to go towards pale colours and prints more than browns and my obvious choice, if it weren't for the price, would be the damier azure! But, since it's really an investment, I would go with something really neutral that goes with everything to get to most bang out of my buck! Anyway, whichever you choose, these are all really pretty ♥

  10. i prefer the first two.
    the second one will look gorgous as its such a classic and will go with alot of things as its neutral.
    HOWEVER, im a fan of brights and the 80s.. its the kind of girl i am :)
    so personally id go for the one with bright pink on.
    xoxo - hannah from jordan and hannahs blog..

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